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SoftXS GmbH

About Us

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Information Technology Specialists for the Construction Industry

By Engineers, for Engineers

Founded in 1994 in Switzerland by MIT engineers, SoftXS GmbH is a partnership of engineers and IT specialists with over five decades of IT project experience. We have served demanding clients in a wide variety of highly technical fields. Since 2002 we have specialized in the construction industry. Our experience includes all project phases, from initial project conception right through to hands-on implementation, deployment and training.

Our key benefit is our ability to act as the liaison between your construction project and our software experts. This means that we have the ability to analyze and understand your project requirements and processes, and translate them into technical requirements. Our skills extend from project management, right down to actual programming. One of our most valuable services is the ability to determine the appropriateness of a specific software solution.

SoftXS specializes in Web, client-server and network-based systems; especially systems integrating distributed applications and databases. With solid theoretical knowledge and practical know-how, we understand computer and software technology. We are specialists in integration and can help you select appropriate systems for your construction project. We also program components ourselves when necessary.

Project Success Factors

A successful IT project requires a thorough understanding of the client's needs. Unfortunately, most IT specialists are more interested in their computer technology than your project or business. This cultural gap is one of the main reasons that businesses do not realize the full potential offered by IT systems. While fairly obvious, companies often underestimate the importance of this fact. The consequences are expensive and can hurt your project. SoftXS can help, because we have the skills and experience necessary to understand your business and its implications on your IT systems.

An assignment can include one or more of our services. The assignment can be staged, so that you can decide to proceed based on the results of the preceding stage. You may decide or we may even recommend that someone else provide the following stage.