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Works Organiser


Tunnel Construction

Project Management and Document Control Tools for Construction Professionals

Works Organiser provides you a with a means to organise, file and share the documents and tasks for your construction project, in one location, accessible by the entire project team from a web browser. Includes:

  1. Commenting for drawing reviews, site queries, punch lists, etc.
  2. File transfer, convenient uploading and downloading of large files
  3. Email handling with project mailboxes

Familiar Project Management Structures - Works Organiser is easy to learn, compared to competing software, because it is based on familiar project management structures commonly used in the construction industry:

  1. Scheduling of document production and review
  2. Revision control
  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  4. Work packages
  5. Organisational chart & project team contact list
  6. Responsibility assignment
  7. Engineering classifications (location, work type, contract, etc.)

Accelerates Project Setup - Works Organiser setup is aligned with your project management setup. Works Organiser can help to guide you through your project start-up. You can even use your Works Organiser configuration report as the basis for your project handbook.

Keeps you Informed - The most important information is instantly at your fingertips using convenient ‘Dashboards’. Comprehensive search features allow you to find exactly the information you need.

Fully Featured - Works Organiser can manage your project’s document preparation and submittals, design reviews, correspondence handling, technical queries (RFI), site inspections and punch lists.

The configuration is very flexible and can be adapted to fit your project’s needs. Standard configurations are available for hydropower and tunnelling projects. SoftXS provides support, training, custom configuration and document migration.

Works Organiser Apps - ‘Apps’ are light-weight Works Organiser configurations for specific needs. They include:

  1. Task App for managing pending items, technical queries (RFI) and punch lists
  2. File App for file exchange with project partners

We can configure an App for you, which implements your specific project processes or helps facilitate your project management. Apps can also be used conveniently from smartphones and tablets.

Robust and Secure - Works Organiser is robust and secure. Fine-grained user permissions ensure that your team members and project partners see only what they are allowed to see. Works Organiser has a full audit-trail, including the ability to recover accidentally deleted data and files.

Works Organiser scales from small projects with only a few documents, to large infrastructure projects with numerous sub-contractors and suppliers.

Structured Collaboration - Works Organiser is based on structured collaboration and will greatly increase your team’s productivity. Works Organiser is a significant advance beyond the file hosting and sharing found in competing systems.

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