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Project References and CVs

Inspections App: Inspection Records List

Project References at CVs at Your Fingertips

The SofXS Project Reference and CV App is a Smartphone Web-based Application that can be used to check and display details of project references and key staff directly from your smartphone. Intended for on-the-go business and technical staff who need instant access to their organisation’s capabilities for proposal preparation, business development, presentations or simply to locate colleagues with the skills required to resolve a pressing problem.

Project references and CVs can be filed and retrieved by project type, region, language and technical discipline. The App can also store documents, pictures, contact details and availability. You can define your own additional fields and custom forms.

The App is supported by a cloud-based server that stores all project references and CVs. The server can also manage supporting documentation, including marketing material, proposals, statements of interest, drawings and correspondence.

The Problem: Project and Staff Details are Hard-to-Find

  • When working on proposals and pre-qualifications
  • When you need a list of projects in a region or staff with particular skills who worked there
  • When pressed to demonstrate company experience and staff capabilities in a presentation
  • When instant access to an expert is required to help resolve a problem

  • The Solution: An Easy-to-Use Smartphone & Tablet App

    1. Instant access, from anywhere, to company project references and key staff
    2. Search for project references by project type, project role, region, etc.
    3. Locate staff by engineering discipline, region worked, language skills, etc.
    4. Store and retrieve information about outside experts and other external resources
    5. Contacts details for staff and projects, including photographs and availability
    6. Create project-specific collections of references and CVs
    7. Update and share records from your smartphone

    Example Uses

    1. Proposal preparation
    2. Search for CVs and project references during business development work
    3. Remote teams can easily find and contact suitable experts
    4. Sales staff can describe experts and check availability from the field


    1. Contact details
    2. Business tour planning
    3. Smartphone camera integration
    4. GPS locations of projects and staff
    5. Reporting
    6. Integrated document management
    7. Task management

    System Requirements

    1. Web-App compatible with PCs, smartphones & tablets (IOS & Android)
    2. GSM or Wifi Internet connection
    3. Android stand-alone App under development