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Inspections Manager

Inspections App

Accelerate Your Inspections

The Alarp/SoftXS Inspector App1 is an Andriod App that records and manages inspection data and photographs. Inspectors in the field can use it to record inspection data on their Android phones or tablets.

The Inspector App works offline, even in places where there is no GSM or Internet connection, e.g. in tunnels, caverns and remote locations. As soon as a network is available you can sync with the central server, allowing personnel to view the data and make reports.

The Inspector App also allows for custom forms that match your existing inspection forms.

Inspection Data is Time Consuming to Collect & Process

  1. Difficult to ensure complete and accurate site data records
  2. Locating and identifying objects to be inspected
  3. Time consuming transcription from paper to computer
  4. Tracking inspections and follow-up work

The Solution: Our Easy-to-Use Android App

  1. Works offline without GSM or Internet connection
    1. Accurate and efficient data entry with pull-down menus
    2. Photos immediately linked to inspections
    3. Custom input forms
  2. Synchronization with central server
    1. Eliminates transcription errors
  3. Reporting and Dashboard showing open and high-risk items
  4. Ad-hoc reporting of non-compliance and safety violations

Example Uses

  1. HSE inspections
  2. Compliance
  3. Audits
  4. Testing & commissioning
  5. Fire safety
  6. Concrete tests
  7. Checklists for operational procedures


  1. Inspection tour planning
  2. Smartphone camera & GPS integration
  3. Dashboard of items requiring follow-up
  4. Reporting
  5. Barcode Reader
  6. RFID tag integration
  7. Punch list of follow-up work

System Requirements

  1. Android Device (Android version 5.1+)
  2. GSM or Internet connection for synchronization with server