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SoftXS Services Can Help You

Information technology can be a bottleneck on construction projects. Computerized systems, intended to help, cause confusion and delay. In short, your good engineering is overwhelmed by clerical overhead.

Computerized document management has evolved to replace the traditional paper documentation archive, which was previously present in all construction projects. Unfortunately, the reality has not always lived up to the promise. Engineering staff are often forced to assume duties for which they are ill prepared. They have neither the time nor the detailed computer skills required to efficiently create and maintain an electronic construction document archives.

SoftXS can help. We understand construction documentation and we understand computerized document management. We can work with your engineering staff, help you define the high-level objectives for organizing and migrating your project documetation, and do detailed work required to meet them. We can design documentation procedures and train clerical staff, to ensure that your project library, and your project, remain well-organized.

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