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Works Organiser


TBM Oerlikon

Works Organiser Promotes Project Collaboration

Success on multi-company projects requires everyone working together, freely sharing information and resources. Successful project management requires management and coordination of all the information that defines the technical solution. This includes not only the technical drawings and reports, but also all the project management information, such as the organisational and work breakdown structures. It further encompasses the processes required to manage scope, design changes, interface reviews, etc.

Works Organiser is based on proven construction project management practices, including support for project management structures (Work Breakdown Structure, Organisational Chart, etc.), document classification systems (typically based on the project's document coding systems), and document review and approval processes. This means Works Organiser is easy to learn and use, bacause it works the way you do.

Further Information on Works Organiser Features

The following pages explain the vision and theory of operation behind Works Organiser, and include lists of all the supported features:

  1. Working Better
  2. Structure Your Project Work
  3. Collaborate
  4. Project Controls
  5. Security