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Part 5 - Security

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Your Data is Safe

We know how critical it is that your documents and data stay safe. Security against intruders and protection against loss are fundamental to the design of our software and the services we provide. Our IT professionals have long experience in the banking and finance sectors and know the issues and solutions.

We also recognize that we are custodians of your data and that you, and only you, are entitled to a copy at any time. Therefore we support downloading of all your documents and data. Your project data is never trapped in our software, we will always support you in exporting it or moving it to other systems.

Recognizing that large volumes of documents and data can be difficult to download efficiently, we can also offer indivualized solutions for delivering exports or backup copies of your project data (contact us).

  1. Export your documents and data

  2. Regular backups of your system

  3. Secure logins
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